What are your business hours?

Our business hours are from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. It is possible to make appoitnments for phone calls or meetings outside of those hours - use the contact form to get in touch.

I've never worked with a Travel Advisor before, how does it work?

Each trip is different but we try to follow the same process for every one and then personalize it depending on your needs. You can view our process here

What are the benefits of working with an advisor?

Working with an advisor typically gives you more value for your money. The benefits include:

Time Saved: Researching the best options is time consuming. Trust an advisor to do this work for you and gain back your time.

Access to Exclusive Rates and VIP Perks: Overall, travel suppliers give preferrential treatment to clients who book with an advisor vs. those who book online. In additon to that, via our relationships and partners in the industry we can access exclusive rates and VIP amenities which you would not be able to find online. 

Peace of mind: When working with us, know you are working 1:1 with a certified travel professional. We are experts in our field and are there for you from the beginning of your trip until you come home.

Why do you charge service fees?

We charge service fees in exchange for our expertise, knowledge, network, and overall to protect our time. Fees vary on a case by case basis and depend largely on the complexity of your request. You can consult our Services & Fees section here. 

Do you book flights?

Yes we can book both commercial and private charter flights as part of your overall itinerary. For individual commercial flights we can also assist but seperate fees would be applied for booking these. Contact Us for more information.

Do you book Villas, Condos, and Rental Homes?

Yes, we have a network of partners in this niche who we work with to ensure you are booking with a reputable supplier. 

Do you offer Travel Insurance?

Yes, we do - we can offer various plans through Travelex (for American citizens) and Manulife (for Canadian citizens) that can be customized based on your specific trip details and requirements. Please do keep in mind, we are not insurance agents so we cannot legally go into specifics about policy coverage. 

What is Travel Edge and what is your relationship to them?

Travel Edge is the host agency for Lucky Luxury Travel. By partnering with them, we gain access to their network, technology, and industry buying power. It is through our relationship with them we are able to provide you with additional VIP perks and added ameneites with our suppliers all over the world.